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In Nima, Accra, Ghana


Why People Choose KOYOYO

Over the years, statistics shows that most Senior High School (SHS) graduates hardly meet the minimum entry requirements set for admission at the various universities. 

In an attempt to tackle this unfortunate situation, the College was established to prepare students to take the WASSCE examinations again once and for all in expectancy of excellent grades and also to prepare some students to undertake our University Access Course or Pre-University Diploma for level 200 admissions at various public and private universities.

What Our Students Have to Say

Please Join the Best Remedial College in Ghana

Kall Sarah writes………. “Hello Director, I'm very happy to announce to you that I have been given admission at KNUST for the 2023/2024 academic year. I couldn't have achieved such great success without your help. I'm very grateful for believing in me and helping me attain this success. Even though I “failed” the battle once, Koyoyo Remedial College believed in me and taught me a lot of things I needed to know. I'm much grateful for all your help and assistance. I couldn't have achieved this without you and your passionate Lecturers. I appreciate it a lot. I will forever remain grateful and a proud old student. Thank you so much. Long live Koyoyo Remedial College!

By Kall Sarah From Nima

Condoles To The Best Remedial College of My Time

“I came all the way from Kumasi for intensive classes at Koyoyo Remedial College. I joined the College 5 months to the final WASSCE exams and I had to also change my course to offer 4 new elective subjects I had not taken before, because I wanted to offer Medicine/Surgery at the University. When the results were released in July 2023, I passed all the subjects with good grades. I am very grateful to the entire Koyoyo Remedial College TEAM. You guys are truly the best and I will highly recommend the College to others with no reservation.”

Dotsey Winfred From Accra Newtown

A Big Thank To All Tutors of Koyoyo Remedial College

"Hi, I’m Nii Otu Edmud Yeboah. Recently Passed WASSCE Student of Koyoyo Remedial College, after I failed Core Mathematics and Integrated Science in 2021, I was adviced to join KOYOYO REMEDIAL COLLEGE and with their intensive tuition and counselling together with very hardworking lecturers and a dedicated Chancellor who saw to it that the needed facilities were provided to enhance teaching and learning, I finally got my desired WASSCE result 2023.

By Nii Otu Edmud Yeboah From TeshieHere

Koyoyo Remedial College! You Are The Best

“My name is Osei Daniel Okyere. I completed SHS in 2021, when I checked my results, It was not what I expected especially with my Core Mathematics. I came across KOYOYO REMEDIAL COLLEGE whiles researching on the best remedial schools in Ghana and eventually enrolled in October, 2022 for the WASSCE (May/June) remedial classes. “To be honest, I don't regret joining or spending my time at KOYOYO because I realized what I lacked was consistency in learning and teaching BUT I had it all “right” at KOYOYO REMEDIAL COLLEGE. One thing other students and I felt “frustrating” was the regular tests and pop-up quizzes especially getting towards the final WASSCE examination.

By Osei Daniel Okyere From Nima

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