About Us

KOYOYO REMEDIAL COLLEGE is an outstanding college, known for excellence, integrity, morals and above all the fear of God.
KOYOYO REMEDIAL COLLEGE started its operation in the year 2015, at Nima, Accra, Ghana

Midao Dawukpor Dafliso Vigbedor -CMD

Our Story

Over the years, statistics has shown that most Senior Higher School (SHS) graduates hardly meet the minimum entry requirements set for admission at the various universities. In an attempt to tackle this unfortunate situation, KOYOYO REMEDIAL COLLEGE was established to prepare students academically, physically and mentally to take the WASSCE or University Entrance Examination again in expectancy of a better grades.

Therefore,   If you are looking for NOT just a college offering WASSCE/University Entrance Examinations remedial classes BUT a reputable, registered, and the Best WASSCE Remedial College in Nima, Accra, Ghana offering quality education with a track record of excellent grades NOT just a passes or credits then, the place for you is KOYOYO REMEDIAL COLLEGE.

At KOYOYO REMEDIAL COLLEGE, “your success is our goal” so

“it’s IMPOSSIBLE to fail. “


  • 8 years of quality education and proven track record of high pass rate 97.3%
  •   Currently the Best WASSCE Remedial School in Ghana
  •   Highly Ranked by Google Consistency and Its Academic Standard
  •   Highly Qualified and result-oriented Teaching staff including WAEC Examiners.
  •   Conducive Learning and excellent facilities 
  •   Impressively low student-teacher ratio; small class sizes for each subject to give our students individualized attention.
  •   Special attention/assistance including one-on-one sessions for weak/struggling students in various subjects,
  •   Free support services such as  counselling , seminars   and consultancy before, during and after completion
  •   University admission assistance and Scholarship opportunities with our affiliate/partner universities in Ghana, UK, Canada, Switzerland, India, Malaysia and the United States.
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